Outstanding handwoven fabrics

Maison AD produces superb handmade fabrics selected by interior decorators for use in distinguished homes and luxury hotels.

It all starts with a journey. Understanding the world and its diverse cultures requires travel. At Maison AD, we are not only open to other cultures, we adopt them, drawing our inspiration from local heritage and giving new meaning to age-old customs.

We employ traditional French techniques to produce modern, refined fabrics. In our workshop, traditionally crafted textiles are updated and improved by research and contemporary design to suit today’s cutting-edge interiors.

Maison AD works its magic with high-quality linen thread, Peruvian alpaga and pima cotton, Japanese paper and Mongolian cashmere - excellent ingredients with which to play on light and shade and create sublime settings. Our spinning wheel weaves past and present, criss-crossing then and now. The result is a unique range of inimitable contemporary fabrics.

The Maison AD hallmark is meticulous craftsmanship and an ability to lend an understated elegance to noble, precious materials. Our attention to detail is such that our fabrics are true works of art. Maison AD stands for exquisite timeless style.