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Research and artistic design is part of Maison AD culture Our exacting approach produces fabrics to meet bespoke requirements

Only hand woven high-quality thread produces authentic,exclusive fabrics that embody the designer’s intentions and are suitable for an array of up holstery uses.The entire spectrum of nature-theshapes and colours inspired by animals,plants and minerals-comesto life on our spinning wheels and breathes individuality into your interiors.

Mood boards and extensive research into a specific topic give rise to exclusive Maison AD weaves and super blycrafted patterns.Each range of fabrics is based on acentral the meand the colours and superb-quality threads are specifically selected for their suitability.

In many circumstances,man can be replaced by machine.Yet when it comes to bespoke pieces,only hand craft can produce the stuff of dreams,only the heart and soul of nimble fingers can bring your ideas to life.We always produce a prototype,a sample that forms the basis of the range.For special projects,we work along side architects and decorators to create exclusive fabrics to order.

Maison AD produces two ranges per year.After Pacific,inspired by the culture of Oceania,we shall be exploring two ground-breaking topics : three dimensional fabrics and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.Both are incredible sources of inspiration and offer exciting prospects for Maison AD to express our individuality.At Maison AD ,we redefine modern luxury,playing on texture and light in a delicate blend of tradition and contemporary design.